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November 3, 2005

Okay, I'm an insensitive ass...


It's not that I'm unsympathetic to people who have lost loved ones, particularly parents whose children predecease them.  Nor am I critical of those same folks whose faith in God and Heaven give them comfort and strength in times of devastating losses.  And yes, it is implicit in faith that one accepts certain things which cannot be empirically proven.

But I draw the line somewhere well short of taking out ads in newspapers with messages to the dead.

I am not a student of the Bible but, I ask, in what concept of Heaven, the Kingdom of God, do you spend eternity subscribing to the Miami Herald? Frankly, if I were a believer, I'd hope for better.

If you can communicate with the dead, why would it be in a newspaper?  God created the world and all living things long before newspapers or even the written word.  So, if this communication thing is evolving, why not use e-mail or instant messages?  I don't plan on going anywhere without my Blackberry.

And how about communicating with those loved ones who don't make it to Heaven?  Take out an ad in the National Enquirer.  Or, better yet, pay for an ad in The Daily Rant!